What has been pronounced yours IS yours, Amen.

Beloved I pray for you, may the fear and terror of God fail upon whoever is holding on to what rightfully belongs to you. May God’s Hand be heavy and hard upon them until they have returned them to you even with interests in Jesus’ awesome, incomparable name, Amen.


I Samuel 5

5:2 Power, wealth, beauty, intellect are the modern day idols like a Dagon in many lives today. Lord help us not to look to anything but You, the true and living God, for answers to life. Help us to understand that such idols have no life or power within them. Create in us a longing for the day of Your coming, when You will destroy idolatry once and for all.

5:10 Ask God to reveal His awesome power to unsaved friends, family and colleagues. It will be awesome to openly share, Amen. Meanwhile, shine as stars by God’s AWESOME grace.

1 Samuel 6

6:1-9 Even the ungodly will honour God in time of crisis. Ask the Lord to help you to honour Him all of the time, just as He is good all the time. Verse 2 says the Philistine called in their priests and diviners and asked them what should we do about the ark of the Lord, “tell us how to return it to its own land.” Pray today that God’s righteous standards will return to it’s rightful place.

6:13 It says in this verse then when the people of Beth-Shemesh saw the ark they rejoiced or in other words were overjoyed! Pray that when The Lord does the un-expected in our lives, we may be overjoyed like the Israelites, not surprised or frightened!

1 Samuel 6-7

6:20 “Who is able to stand in the presence of The Lord, this holy God?” they cried out. “Where can we send the Ark from here?” Father even though You call Your child, You are utterly righteous and holy. Pray that each one of us as believers would not approach our Lord flippantly. Ask Him to help us to exalt Him with every breath we take.

7:8-9 This time instead of scheming, the Israelites ask the lord to save them, and He does. Ask The Lord to give you and every child of God, the victory over the things that intimidate us today.

You Today! One Person With Courage Makes A Majority

Through His Word today and the life of Samuel, we see he gained such influence. What made everyone listen to him? At least three indispensible qualities gained him the influence he won.

Competence: God blessed Samuel with many gifts. He heard from the Lord, he could see the future unfold, and he wisely knew what to do in crisis. His abilities provided one reason that everyone listened to him.

Character: Unlike Eli, Samuel exuded integrity and honestly faced each area of his life. People trusted him and knew that he had Israel’s best interest in mind. They considered Samuel utterly trustworthy and depended upon him to intercede for them with God.

Fortunately for us, the formula for Samuel’s success still works today

Connection: Samuel knew how to connect with people; he spoke their language. He expressed compassion for their predicaments and brought courage to their pursuits.
Competence + Character + Connection = Influence
Lord we pray you will bring this formula to our lives, Amen!

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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