“You are under arrest!”


The law?

How do I walk aright? Obeying the law.

The Spirit is in you.


The persecution, mockery, beatings, isolation, and attacks we may face for being advocates of the gospel, will never gain any comparison to the glory of what is to come on the day of the Resurrection, where we will receive new glorious bodies, free from infirmities and sin. Persecution neither adds nor removes to our eternal security in Christ. Our salvation remains our priority and we should strive to proclaim it, defend it, and be proud of it no matter what.

And we pray:

Dear God, I would like to use this moment to declare my faith in You and my resolve to abide in You no matter what. I am aware of what may come my way because I choose to align myself with Your Essence. Whatever my earthly body endures on this Earth, as a result of being a Christian, I count it worth it when I think of the glory that is to come. I thank You, Lord, that I can be a partaker of this glorious future. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

God says:

“Allow yourself to be arrested by The Holy Spirit and you will find that peace. Plead guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of The Judge, Who is My Son; for you have all sinned and come short of My glory. Accept My forgiveness through believing on My Son Jesus, and you will be exonerated and live in peace, with Me, forever!”

Oh, Lord, hear my cry; Come Holy Spirit and arrest me. I surrender all!

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