We are surrounded in and by Love…Natural vs Supernatural….

This is another part of the prayer of Christ in the garden. He prays for us. He knows that we cannot live on this earth secluded from everything.

We have to learn how to live in this world and not become of this world. Christ prays to His Father to protect us from the evil one. He knew that we would need protection from Satan, who roams in the world. And He knew that He wouldn’t be here to protect us. He knew that He had to leave, but He made provisions for our safekeeping.

And we pray:

Lord, I thank You for Your prayers, that You would care so much for me that You would ask Your Father to keep me safe from the enemy. In the midst of Your own suffering, You still cared for me. Amen.

Angels are everywhere around us. Every human being has a Guardian Angel, and many other Angels to guide them in their personal development.

Angels are pure God energy and come directly from Source, they are Unconditional Love.

They are assigned to us by a Higher Power. They don’t have Free Will.

Angels do respect our Free Will however, and if we call upon our Angels, they are able to protect and guide us even more. They are always there, but more in the background.

Seeing Angels
Some people can see Angels. Angels are pure energy, and many times you can see a sphere of light in many different colours, but very often also in white. Or light beams from the corner of your eyes.

Other people may see the silhouette of an Angel. Because Angels are pure energy, they can take on any shape or form they like, and because we have a certain image in our mind about Angels (with wings), they usually appear this way, to not frighten us.

Hearing Angels
There are people who can hear Angels, and hear the Angel voice talk to them. This voice is not to be compared with an earth voice. The voice sounds different, and if it speaks to you, it doesn’t feel like YOUR thought. It’s crystal clear, and the thought suddenly pops into your mind.

It can be gone like that, and you can’t always invoke it. Usually it’s the case that at that moment you were very open to receive. There also has to be a gift of clairaudience inside of you (the same for clairvoyancy, and all the other gifts, most people have a combination of gifts).

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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