Revival. A ‘term’ for “fellowship” in many countries worldwide.

re·​viv·​al | \ ri-ˈvī-vəl  \

Definition of revival

1An act or instance of revivingthe state of being revived: such asarenewed attention to or interest in somethingba new presentation or publication of something oldc(1)a period of renewed religious interest

(2)An often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings

2Restoration of force, validity, or effect (as to a contract)

Synonyms for revival


Church folks love a good old fashioned revival. Guest speakers, special music, late nights, wonderful God experiences. Pastors usually call for revivals as a type of “booster shot” for the church. Revivals help to direct some much needed spiritual energy into the weary saints of God. But some revivals last for weeks, months, and years. It is in those places that God is truly reviving or “bringing back to life” dead hearts and souls. This prayer is a prayer for the believer whose soul is parched. It is a prayer of someone desperate to experience the joy of the heart. A prayer for revival is a prayer for renewal in the mind, heart and soul of the believer.

 AlphaBear 2
And we pray:
silhouettes of people watching fireworks
two clothes pins dressed in capes up on first and second place podiums
Father, revive me. Fill my heart and soul with a new understanding of You. Where I have poured out to others in Your name, pour out to me. Let the revival in my heart spark a revival in those around me. Let it begin with me. Amen.
illustrated notebook that says everyday vs every day
sunrise over a field of desert flowers

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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