Beware! You shall reap what you sow.


Sow in Love, reap peace and fullness of joy.


Wicked men greedy of filthy lucre and worldly gain, willing to secure it at all costs, will go so far as to persecute and defraud even the poor to attain their ends. But so often, God causes them to be taken in the very trap that they themselves planted, or in the case of Haman (Book of Nehemiah), to be hung on the gallows he had built for the righteous (for Mordecai).

And we pray:

O Lord, we know that this world is full of ‘Man’ (pl.) willing to mistreat others in order to benefit themselves. But they cannot take away our joy, peace, faith, or the Love of You Father in our hearts. Nor can they touch our souls. You will judge the wicked. Though they amass great wealth, it will do them no good. But we have everlasting riches in Christ, which we rejoice in even in the midst of poverty. Lord we ask for the peace Your Essence brings and gives freely, Hallelujah Amen.

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