AMAZING! There is NOTHING that is that was NOT brought to be by The ‘Word’ of The Creator!!!


“Let is be” and it is, Amen.

As confusing as it seems, think on this (as we have been taught.) No Man has ever “seen” The Creator. The Creator is an unseen Force, an unseen Essence. For unbelievers, have you ever seen a spoken word? Hear, yes! But see?

We have The Word and possess it in our hearts. Things come to be as we believe it, profess it and believe it.

For ages, the descendants of Jacob were in slavery in Egypt. Time only exists in this period that we exist. Time was “Spoken” into being. ‘Time’ as we know it here on Earth does not exist as such on any other planet and in any galaxy.

In short, a single day on Pluto lasts the equivalent of about six and a half Earth days. A year on Pluto, meanwhile, lasts the equivalent of 248 Earth years, or 90,560 Earth days!

Every word in Bible is inspired and given by God. In 2 Peter 3:8 where it said a day is like a thousand years to the Lord and a thousand years is like a day. This reference to time is meant for Christian like us to encourage us not to lose our hope and we shall wait faithfully for our Lord to return. Let me explained, after Jesus’ ascension and church is built with gentile like us all over the world for the past two thousand years so in fact we are the end time generation (we are the generation that did not see, yet choose to believe in Christ which makes us the “blessed ones”) where rapture is imminent (though in my opinion out of God grace and mercy, He is delaying for more to return to Christ). ALL glory to God.

We in these bodies are limited. Who are YOU?

  • We are children of God through Christ- John 1:12
  • We are no longer slaves of sin- Romans 6:6
  • We are part of the body of Christ— 1 Corinthians 12:27
  • We are chosen- 1 Peter 2:9
  • We are a new creation- 2 Corinthians 5:17

To briefly revisit the concept of ‘time’; here on Earth it is a 24 hour period in approximately 365 day rotations around the Sun. The center of the Solar system.

How many known ‘systems’ exist? So far, astronomers have found more than 500 solar systems and are discovering new ones every year. Given how many they have found in our own neighborhood of the Milky Way galaxy, scientists estimate that there may be tens of billions of solar systems in our galaxy, perhaps even as many as 100 billion.

The Bible speaks of a grain of sand on the beach.

What we can see is limited!

What is faith?

This goes beyond words! What we see does not begin to describe what is.

One of the most blessed experiences we can enjoy is the realization that the greatest blessings we receive from the Lord are the blessings we cannot see with our physical eyes.  Stop and think about it, our salvation, the forgiveness of our sins, is the greatest blessing we can receive from our Lord…. this we cannot see with our eyes.  The unseen blessings of God are not limited to our salvation, however.   Our ability to understand the Scriptures,  our faith, the leadership of the indwelling Spirit of God, conviction of our sin, the list goes on and on.  What would our life be like without these precious, yet unseen, gifts that are so graciously given to us by our Heavenly Father?

For years, as a younger Christian, I did not fully appreciate the unseen blessings of God in my life.  As I grow older, and hopefully, a bit wiser, I am beginning to place greater value in the unseen blessings of God.  Not only are the unseen blessings becoming more precious to me, but I am finding that the physical blessings have faded in comparison to the value and need of the unseen gifts of God.

And we pray:

Father LORD, Creator of ALL – the seen and the unseen. Your grace is inestimable, Amen. In Your Image, I am Created. No Man has seen Your Essence. We feel You in all we do. We are so very limited Father. We pray that You Cause me to grow in the knowledge of Your Essence. Time is of You Father. We are here on Earth limited by time. In Your Presence there is no time. We are limited by ‘time.’ Father, lift the veil that covers our spiritual ‘eyes’ that we grow in appreciation of Your Essence that touches all things.

We give You ALL praise, all glory is of Your Essence. We lay prostrate before Your Essence. We cannot and do not dare stand before Your Essence. Cover us LORD with Your Wing of grace. We live blessed, Amen. We pray that Your will be done in our lives and existence, Amen. We bask in The warmth of Your glory Lord.

Hallelujah for the cover that has been placed over us. Jesus bled for me. Wash me with The blood of Jesus that I may lay purified before Your Essence. LORD, Your will be done in my life; be glorified in my ALL I decree in Jesus’ name. I claim that my spirit is Yours as I serve You and You alone LORD, Amen.

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