We ARE forgiven. Amen. God Knows ALL!!!

This was shared with me. We can imagine the discomfort the writer was feeling. Read on! And learn:
The other day an extended family member sat next to me at a church gathering outside of the church. God had turned her life around, released her from drug addiction and was using her now as a witness of His healing power.

As we sat there she began to share with me more in-depth details of her life before salvation, her testimony of her deliverance. As she talked she began to go into explicit details about her sexual trysts and orgies. To say I was uncomfortable would be like saying the Earth orbits the sun. My skin crawled, I was squirming in my chair, looking around for distractions or reasons to politely stop her stories that she was so at ease in sharing, unabashedly and unashamedly with me. Now I am no prude or shrinking violet, but doing the things she had described was so not a part of my reality nor was it in any way of interest to me, I was embarrassed for her and quickly found ways to switch the subject. Afterwards I felt offended that she would tell me about her and her husband & company’s sexual exploits, making me to look at the both of them differently now.

As I pondered what she had said I asked the Lord, “Father, why did she feel compelled to be so graphic with me or to tell me about that area of their lives?”

Then HE spoke to me and reminded me that sin is the ugly side of us. The side that makes us squirm, feel uncomfortable, writhe with angst either before, during or after committing it. But HE went further and said that there is no darkness in Him. That when we are delivered He already knows our ugly little secrets and that when we confess them and seek His forgiveness He will forgive us and cast that sin into the sea of forgetfulness. That we need not hide our heads in the sand, or in our testimonies try to pretty up or dumb down our transgressions for in that we still covet our sin. Baring our souls and sins is an inglorious act of contrition and penitence. We are not to judge it, nor to compare it to our own sins as if ours ‘are not that bad.’ For He reminds us that sin is sin. There is no graduated scale of minor to major sins. We have all sinned and fallen short of His glory. From the liars, to the adulterers to the murderers, to the fornicators, to the abortionists to the sex addicts to the hoarders, to the homosexuals and heterosexuals etc. etc. No we are unworthy of Him without the covering of JESUS ‘ blood.

So I now have a hint of how our Heavenly Father must cringe as He watches us go through our days when we forget who we belong to. When our flesh rises up in thoughts 💭 or words or deeds and He bears witness to it all.

Father forgive me my sins as I move through this day that you have blessed me to see. Help me to truly be more like you to uplift, Encourage, Pray more and for others so that Your spirit that resides in me will be glorified. In Your most powerful name I pray, for without You I am nothing. Never take your Love away from me Lord. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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