Can you? How?

Will/can you give your life?

Mention the Ten Commandments and peoples minds might turn to things one cannot do, to sins, retribution in fire and brimstone. They are in a sense, prohibitive. But as this passage of John illustrates, loving ones brothers and sisters is like an eleventh commandment. What’s more, it’s imperative, for if we are truly able to Love one another as our Father does us, then many of our other commandments become void or even unthinkable. Love others and one would not need to covet, steal, or murder. Love others and one would always honor thy mother and father, and bear not false witness to any of thy neighbors.

And we pray:

My Shepherd, my Lord! I heed Your command, and by Your grace I pray You help me Love those around me, my neighbors and my family. Grant me the ability to open my heart to them, as You in turn, have opened Your heart and everlasting arms to us. I ask all this Lord, so that we may better do Your work and praise Your name. Hosanna in the Highest, Amen.

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