God Speaks…


God is the natural Law of our universe, the Earth rotating on its axis around the Sun. We on Earth experience days and nights- time. What was before the big bang? What was time? On planets is in the solar system, a minuscule fragment of ALL God has made. God in His Eminence allows us to keep our feet planted on the soil. Search for beauty of The LORD. He brought the flowers forth and knows the depths of the sea. Give thanks to His almighty power!

And we pray:

Lord my God and giver, my Creator. The sun shines in Your name, whilst the mountains rise up in Your honor. We sing your majesty here on Earth as it is in Heaven, thankful are we to be surrounded by Your works, power and glory, and thankful are we to know You Lord, reflected within all that is beautiful. From the stars that burn above me, to the Love for Your justice within me; Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! Amen.

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