Giving ALL glory to God. And we pray…

And I thank You for Your Word Father…

As You say it shall be; so it is for and in all ways, Amen. We thank Your Essence, we are Your work today.

We look forward to being bearers of Your Word for now and times to come, Amen.

We, Your children appreciate all that You have done in our lives; we commitwhere we are. Who we are and what we are to You Father, Amen. Use us LORD, in me Father let Your will be done, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

In the days of the apostoles, they were testimonies to Your grace, power and influence. Allow me to be as well, I pray that people may say that I was and will always be for You utilized for Your grace and glory. Use us, empower us, guide us – Amen.

We are not knowingly a testimony but in our small ways allow us to be used to and for the furtherance of Your Kingdom here on Earth and in the Heavenly realms.

Your essence is difficult to fully grasp and understand Lord. Allow us to know that there were other periods and occurences of those who lived their entire life for You. Use me LORD, Amen.

We shall worship with Jesus and His disciples at Your table, but more importantly, we will see, enjoy and fellowship with Daniel – who will share of your goodness in the lionds den; David who was your man on the battlfield where he slew Goliath and the enemies of Israel; Jonah when he testified in Nineveh; Adam when he was before ‘time’ existed.

Father, I have often thought: “How long did Adam take to name the animals, plants and trees?”

Lord, we have an estimate in Earthly terms of Methuselah living 969 yeard. How much longer was Adam here? How long did it take for Your Essence to sense that a ‘mate’ would be good for him? How long were Adam and Eve in the garden before they fell prey to the misguidance and foolishness of Satan through the serpen?

Lord, there is ecology, thank You for it explains so very much. The serpent was made to crawl and eat of the dust of the Earth because it allowed itelf to be used. How was it ambulating prior? Thank You for not slaying anything until thay season, to cover the nakedness of man and woman, who/what was there to observe/see them?

Lord, none that we know or are aware of. But You had slain to make skins to cover their nakedness.

Lord, there is so much to understand, thank You for knowledge and wisdom. Lord, I could go on and will.
I thank You for allowing these Words to come from You. Lord I praise You for all.

Allow us to be your gospel to the nations. In belief, we revoke fear as being not of You and having no place in our lives. We rebuke it in Jesus’ name.

Lord, thank You for thanksgiving, the ability to open our hearts and minds to You. Thank You for learning which by Your grae we do all ways. Thank You for teachng.
Lord, thank You for Your permanent unchanging Word.

There are so many stories that change in the telling, but thank You that though Your Word has been through the ringer and back, it still comes out crystal clear, Amen.
Lord, we could go on and on, but thank you for th testimonny of today, what we live, how wr live. Lord, let is do these to YOUR glory in Jesus name, Amen

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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