Time – what, where and how; it is 🤔

So, for everyone; tell me, what was ‘before’ time? Everything we know is related to ‘time’! Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, millenia, forever…. But when does forever end? Serious question!

Moreso, life… then? We are alive but for a fragment of time. If we are to believe The Bible – the oldest literature on the Earth. We can follow the story of Man. Ok! Even if we were to focus on ‘evolutionary theory’…

So, are you truly a believer in “evolution”? If truly Man came from Apes. Why are there still apes in existence?

There were dinosaurs, and now?

So, let us not get carried away yet. Genetic data suggest that multicellular animals evolved around 1000 million years ago; this is supported by fossil embryos from rocks in China that date back 600 million years. … Previously scientists believed that animals did not begin to colonise the land until the Silurian (440 – 410 million years ago.)


We are left faltering; yes! Explanations (better known as theories exist.

So, this scientist Darwin; how did he come up with an ‘explanation’ of ‘life’?

Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. The five theories were:

(1) evolution as such.

(2) common descent.

(3) gradualism,.

(4) multiplication of species.

(5) natural selection.

Darwin’s process of natural selection has four components.

  • Variation. Organisms (within populations) exhibit individual variation in appearance and behavior. …
  • Inheritance. Some traits are consistently passed on from parent to offspring. …
  • High rate of population growth. …
  • Differential survival and reproduction.


So, how would reproduction occur? If, Man truly was created from cells, the division of cells to reproduce Man would be “automatic” and occur spontaneously.



Synonyms & Antonyms of time

1a Particular point at which an event takes place

  • Remember that one time you tried to wash the dog in the sink

Synonyms for time

Words Related to time

2 An exciting or noteworthy event that one experiences firsthand

  • Enjoys telling us about the times he had while he was in the army

Synonyms for time

Words Related to time

Near Antonyms for time

3an extent of time associated with a particular person or thing

  • Back in my parents’ time, families usually had only one car

Synonyms for time

Words Related to time

4the period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress

  • how much time will the project take?

Synonyms for time

Words Related to time

So, after our ‘time’ here on Earth, then what?


Physical versus spiritual


The creation account in Gen 2.7 describes how God fashioned a clay model of man and breathed” the breath of life” into its nostrils. Thus the first human being was created. Man is a compound of matter and spirit. The matter is flesh, made of the soil of the earth; the spirit is the life-giving breath of God in him. At death the body turns back into soil, and the spirit returns to God, who gave it (Ec 12.7; see also Job 34.14-15).The biblical writers, as a rule, view man as a whole, a unit which cannot be divided into separate parts, each with its own separate existence. This is especially true in the OT books. Man is not simply the sum of physical (flesh, body), spiritual (spirit, soul), and intellectual and emotional (mind, heart) parts. He can be described by anyone of these qualities, but this does not imply that the others are separate entities. And in a given context a person’s will, or intellect, or instinct, or desire, or passion, or any other emotion may be described as localized in the heart, the bowels, the spleen, the genital organs, the spirit, or the soul.

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