Do you actively pray for your brethren?


Openness! Did something we are told by The Word not to do? Be not in dismay, The Spirit guides and leads… Pray for guidance in all you do…

And we pray:

One of the most important things Christians can do is to pray for one another. It strengthens the bond between us, as children of God and it is effective. There have been hundreds of studies done on the effectiveness of prayer, and the conclusion is that prayer works. It “availeth much.” We should be faithful to pray for one another, to be accountable to each other. When we do, we are promised that our prayers will be effective. We are a family! ONE we are in The name of Jesus, Amen.

Father, Help me to pray for others and to let them pray for me. Help to strengthen the bond of our Christian brotherhood/sisterhood by praying one for another. You have promised that my prayers will be heard. Amen.

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