What is impossible?

Do I need say any more? Hallelujah!!! To God be The glory!!!

In the previous verse Romans 8: 10, Paul has been discussing the power that death still has: have power over the body. In this verse he tells us how God has made provision for the power death has on our bodies. The spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead (he’s talking about God here) is in us. If he raised Jesus from the dead, then he’s also capable of doing that with us as well. He tells us that we have the very same spirit living in us which Christ has been living in Him; therefore God will do the same work in us that He did in Christ. When our physical death comes on this earth, just as Christ’s physical death came, He will resurrect us just as He resurrected Christ. Paul tells us here that, even though death has power over our physical bodies, it does not have power over our eternal life. Because we believe in Christ and because the Spirit of God dwells within us, we will never have to fear eternal death. We will be resurrected into eternal life. We will be clothed in our heavenly robes. The sting of death cannot touch us.

And we pray:

Father, I know that the same Spirit inside me dwelt inside of Christ and that what You did for Your Son – Jesus, You will also do for me, Amen. I know that I have to face physical death here on Earth but that it’s just a momentary hindrance because You have ensured that I will be with You, that I will live eternally by Your side. I thank You for this promise and I thank You for the reminder that I am eternally Yours. Amen.

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