Cast ALL your cares upon The LORD because Jesus cares for you!

When we have fears or anxieties, our natural instinct is to gather them close and keep them hidden from the world. We are inclined to carry them alone and not burden others with our cares. In this verse, however, Peter tells us not to carry our own cares, but to cast, or throw, them onto the Lord. He wants our cares because He cares. God cares for us. The things that concern us, concern Him and He would not have His children been burdened by anxieties of this world. It is interesting to note that this a command Peter gives us, not a suggestion. It is not God’s will that His children be burdened with cares. He wants us to trust that He is able and willing to handle our worries if we will just let Him.

And we pray casting all our worried, cared and needs at His feet and leaving them there:

Father, So often I am tempted to keep my worries to myself. I live in fear and anxiety until I am weighed down with the burden of it. But You have commanded that I cast my cares on You. It is not Your will that I live a worry-filled life. I trust You to take the burden of my worries and I thank You for being willing to do so. Hallelujah Father for Your Love – Jesus.

Amidst a list of instructions to the church, Peter warns his readers to humble themselves, be sober-minded, and resist the devil. In the same list, he commands them to cast their anxiety on God. It is clear from his letter that the church was being tested by persecution and various trials. The Christians were experiencing anxiety. Peter was no stranger to anxiety, having followed Jesus in his earthly ministry and through his death and resurrection, and having been imprisoned and flogged multiple times for his own preaching.

And the reason is based on the fact that God cares for us. We don’t have an impersonal God who sees us as a number and who dispassionately governs the universe from a great distance. We have a God who knows us perfectly (1 Cor 8:3). He created us and knows every hair of our head. Not even a sparrow falls to the ground and he doesn’t know (Mt 10:29). God loves his children and is perfectly attentive. He waits to answer when we pray, to forgive when we repent, to comfort when we are in need. He will surely carry our burdens if only we will ask. Only, don’t cast your anxiety on him only to renege on the deal. Don’t take back your anxieties once you have entrusted them to God.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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