This will at first sound “iffy”, but let it soak in. Blessed are those who live in wisdom that is given them by The LORD, Amen.


What price do I place on Jesus’ head? For Judas it was thirty pieces of silver. I know you’re thinking, “Not me!” Stop and think: when was the last time you chose your needs over that of your family? I’m sure you know people just as I do, whose pay check is not always spent on food, rent or mortgage. These are people who gamble, drink, use drugs, of other forms of entertainment and waste the monies that should be used for their families. This is the price that they place on Jesus’ head.

For some, money is the god, as it was for Judas. For others, it’s fame or pleasure. For others, it’s just indifference or apathy.

No one sits down and says that their actions, or non-actions, are betrayals of Jesus. But they are. There are other times when we make a choice that goes against everything we say we believe. Whatever the reason for doing this, we suffer the same sense of guilt that Judas felt when he fully realized the consequences of his behavior. Judas tried to return the money, but it didn’t stop the crucifixion. Sometimes we are unable to undo the damage we have caused.

There are so many occasions that we place “self first.” Judas was who he was the ‘keeper’ of the ‘purse’ – The Gospel of John describes Judas as an untrustworthy person. It claims that Judas was the treasurer for Jesus and his 12 disciples, carrying the money bag the group shared and sometimes stealing from it. When a woman put perfume on Jesus shortly before the last supper, Judas objected, the Gospel of John says. So, in a non-judgmental manner, examine ourselves.

WISDOM. Wisdom is the first and highest gift of the Holy Spirit, because it is the perfection of faith. Through wisdom, we come to value properly those things which we believe through faith.

The Holy Spirit is the source of all wisdom and revelation about the character of God. The Holy Spirit isn’t there just to give you head knowledge, but to flood your heart with the knowledge of God so that you can know him better (Eph 1:17).

And we pray:

Compassionate and forgiving Father, I am sure You listened to and heard both Peter and Judas’ confession of sorrow as You have listened to mine. Thank You LORD for Your care and patience with me. Move me to know when to seek Your hand which is always that I may place You first in ALL I do, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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