Questions re: appearance of the Devil.

Interestingly, there were not ‘many’ people in existence in the garden of Eden times The devil communicated through a serpent. Interestingly, words are not necessary for communication. In reading The Word and praying; nothing needed to be spoken.

Think on this: the snake was moved to eat of the forbidden fruit. Eve would have observed that the serpent ate of the fruit of the tree of the forbidding fruit. Not seeing any effect on the serpent; thoughts akin to “nothing happened to the serpent…”; “We were told not to eat of the fruit of this tree if we do not want to pass away, but the serpent did not die…”, “What did Adam share with me? Knowledge? Is God not ALL knowledge? This is a chance for us to see things as God – The Creator sees things…”

Let me just… and she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree. Then. Adam came back from his absence. The two were ONE! She expresses her doubt about the tree causing death… Adam tastes it…. and their ‘eyes’ opened and they realized they were naked. Interestingly, they had been from the time of their creation. Naked to whom? The animals in the garden of Eden?

It strikes me as as an interesting fact that it has been shared in The Word that the devil can appear as an angel.
We do not know if Satan still appears as he was created Lucifer which Man calls the devil. But, the name Lucifer was the name of a king who thought he was ‘great’. The devil “was the seal of perfection…perfect in beauty…every kind of precious stone adorned him…until the day wickedness was found in him.” I am trying to see what happened to the beautiful stones that adorned him.

It also says that he was a guardian cherub (type of angel). It doesn’t even suggest that he was the only one. We know there are at least two still because the cherubim designed to sit on the ark of the covenant modeled the true cherubim in God’s presence. (Exodus 25:18–22)

These modern ideas that 1) he was the first angel, 2) was Jesus’s spirit brother, 3) is better than the other angels, 4) is more beautiful than all other angels or cherubim, 5) is “God’s right hand man,” etc these all come from cults and is the result of demonic inspiration. None of this is biblical. And we are not to see Satan the way the fallen angels do, as some kind of beautiful angel, we are to see the ugliness of his true wicked and demonic nature.

There are two passages that describe the attributes of the pre-fall Satan (“Lucifer.”) They are somewhat cryptic prophetic passages that are also simultaneously talking about earthly rulers.

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