Understanding Love…


We throw the word “love” around so much that it has become meaningless. We “love” that new restaurant. We “love” that movie. We “love” pizza. We “love” our friend’s new purse. We “love” New York. We say it so much that it doesn’t seem to mean as much when we say it to each other, or to God. We must remind ourselves of what Love truly is: God. God is Love. Everything about Him is Love. It not the ‘love’ of the latest fad, or the yummiest dessert. It is the deep abiding Love of a God Who Created us and Who gave His only Son for us, so that we might not perish. Without God, it is impossible to l/Love anyone else. All Love comes from God – Whose Essence is Love. Through His Love, we are compelled to L/love others. Apart from God, there is no such thing as Love. Love is the most powerful force in the world, and it comes from only one place: God.

I will admit; for the reason of the overuse and ‘abuse’ of the word ‘love’; What The Father has for Man – Love is pure. For God so Loved the world that God sent His Word as huMan flesh to live as we do and bear our sin; so that believing in Christ and His sacrifice, we will be saved, Amen.

And we pray:

Father, I Love You. I thank You for Loving me. You are the very breath I breathe. You are the rising sun and the setting of the same. I find my worth in You. Your Love guides me, gives me hope and lets me relate to every person on the planet. I pray that all may know the power and strength of Your Love for them. Only through You, am I able to understand what true Love is. Amen.

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