Lord I pray to be as You, Amen


No man has seen the face of God. His glory would be too much to bear. Even Moses was hidden in the cleft of the rock and was only able to see the back of God. No. We cannot see His face this side of Heaven. But we can see Him. When we look at a new mother gazing into the face of her perfect newborn, we see Him. When we see a nurse gently bathing an elderly patient, we see Him. When we see a single mom, leave one job to go to the second job, even though she is beyond exhausted, we see God. When we see a stranger perform a kindness for another stranger, we see God. God’s love abides in us. His love is “perfected in us.” When we show love one to another, we see the face of God.

And we pray:

Father, help me to be perfected in Your Love. Help me show Your face to the world through my actions. Help me to love others in such a way that I disappear and all they see is You. Let Your lmLove drive out all selfishness in me, that I may truly be Love to someone else. Amen.

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