Gladness! Glory Hallelujah!!!

Have you ever just looked at the ocean in all its beauty and said, “Thank You Lord, for this beauty?” Or perhaps noticed the beauty of the green fields in the spring or the colorful leaves of the fall? In these things we see God’s work and we can rejoice. We should purposely look for the majesty of God in everything and we should be glad. He has created such a world of beauty. Sometimes we just take it for granted because we see it every day. If we can just refocus for a moment, take a step back, then we can truly see the miracles around us every day. And we can sing with joy at the work of God’s hands.

And we pray:

Father, Thank You for the beauty all around me. Never let me take it for granted, but let me begin to see everything around me as Your work. I will be glad in all of Your works and I will praise You forever. Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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