Conceited people are “wise in their own eyes.” They refuse to be led and they cannot be instructed. You see this attitude manifest a great many times among young people. The star athlete is full of athletic ability but is not willing to be coached. The straight-A student who balks at the idea of a tutor. Anyone who refuses to accept help comes from place of arrogance. The idea that “I don’t need help” speaks directly to self-conceit. This proverb implies that self-conceit leads to evil. When we rely on ourselves and refuse to accept wise counsel, we can find ourselves in some evil predicaments. The advice in this scripture is to “fear the Lord.” In other words, instead of focusing on ourselves and how wonderful we are, we should focus on the Lord and how awesome and mighty and powerful He is.

And we pray:

Lord, I fix my eyes on You. There is nothing in me that is greater than Your Essence. I am weak; You are strong. I need Your guidance and Your wisdom. Send people into my life to show me the way. Help me to be teachable, so that I am never overwhelmed by my own arrogance. Amen.

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