In The Presence of God.


Having this vision and seeing how holy God is, Isaiah panicked. Isaiah is unworthy. He is sinful and dirty in comparison to the greatness of God. He dwells and lives among other humans who are just as sinful. Have you ever experienced a similar realization? God is so good, and by contrast you are worse than dirt. God is great, and none can measure up to The Essence of The Creator of ALL – seen and unseen. Isaiah is worried about his state of being. What can he do? How can he bear to stand before a God so pure and holy when Isaiah is not? We see in the next two verses that God purifies him.

And we pray:

Lord, I am not worthy to stand in Your presence. I am not worthy to untie Your shoes or wash Your feet. You are indescribably good. I am nothing compared to Your glory. I am so prideful. I can go about thinking things revolve around me, that I’m important, and that I am awesome. I am nothing before You, LORD I approach Your Throne prostrate before Your beyond awesome glory and indescribable brightness. Only You are awesome. I have broken Your law. I could not keep them. Only You are able to do that. I confess my sins to You in the name of Jesus. Cleanse me LORD with The blood of Jesus. Renew me LORD all-ways I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

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