The story is written – His-story, as it is and shall be, Amen πŸ™


Here we see a Biblical example, the greatest such example of all perhaps, of how God’s will and man’s will relate. God chose from all eternity to send Christ to die for sinners and secure for his people an everlasting salvation. But the men who crucified Jesus, or who betrayed Him and handed Him over to be crucified, did so wickedly and of their own free choice. God is fully able to rule over Man and over all His-story without making Man β€œrobots” or β€œpuppets on His strings; ” and in fact, He does so rule.

And we pray:

Let us never think, Lord, that Your providence ruling over all somehow excuses us of our sins. We know that we are guilty when we sin, for that is the overflow of sinfulness in our hearts and minds. But let us never doubt Your Sovereign rule either, for You are The Creator, a God whose will cannot be thwarted and defeated by mere mortals. Amen.

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