It is my prayer that for joy we weep, Amen.

Perfection, Amen.

A peek into always revealed too much to take in. Perfection ruled!!!

Yes, memories will be just that. The present at that ‘period’ will be complete, Amen.

What causes tears?

Emotional tears may actually help you

The purpose of emotional tears is still being researched, but is believed to be influenced by biological, social, and psychological factors.

Some researchers believe that crying is a social signal to get help from others when you’re in pain, sad, or feeling any type of distress or extreme emotion. Often, when you cry, it prompts others to offer support, which makes you feel better.

There is evidence that emotional tears contain additional proteins and hormones that aren’t found in the two other types of tears. These may have relaxing or pain-relieving effects that help regulate the body and help it return to its normal state.

Even if the jury is still out on the purpose of emotional tears, the benefits of crying are well documented.

We are not physical; we are Created in The Likeness of The Creator; angels were first created

Scripture names three categories of heavenly beings that appear to be types of angels: cherubim, seraphim, and “living creatures.”


Cherubim are mentioned in several places throughout Scripture:

  • They guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:24).
  • God is enthroned above them (Ezekiel 10:1–22).
  • God rides on them (Psalm 18:10)
  • Two golden figures of cherubim sit above the Ark of the Covenant, where God promised to dwell among his people (Exodus 25:22, see also verses 18–21).


Another type of angel, the seraphim, are only mentioned once in the Bible. They appear in Isaiah 6:2–7, where they continually worship the Lord and say, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6:3).

Living creatures

Ezekiel and Revelation speak of other kinds of heavenly beings known as “living creatures” around God’s throne (Ezekiel 1:5–14, Revelation 4:6–8). They appeared like a lion, an ox, a man, and an eagle, representing various parts of God’s creation (wild beasts, domesticated animals, human beings, and birds). They, too, worship God continually: “Day and night they never cease to sing, ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!’” (Revelation 4:8)

We pray:

Father LORD, we anticipate with eager spirit Your Presence, Hallelujah!!! To You alone be ALL glory, Amen. I pray that my loved ones shall be with me in Your Presence in Jesus’ name, Amen. Cleanse me with The blood of Jesus that I be made white as snow, worthy to be in Your family. Use me LORD, in my life – Your will be done Father. I praise You for Your Spirit bestowed on me, fill me and overflow I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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