The impossible does NOT exist for/with The Creator of ALL things!!!


There was NOTHING in the SEEN! NOTHING!!!

We take a step back: The “Three Hebrew Children” who refused to bow their knees to the idol of gold and worship it, were cast for their defiance into a fiery furnace that burned with incredible intensity. The Men who threw them in died of heat because they came too close to the flames. But these Men of faith were unhurt by the fire, and the preincarnate Christ walked with them in the midst of the furnace.

We could go endlessly on concerning the inexplicable… I will simply ask this one question: Is God explainable, understood, is God explained by Logic?

By science, no. By logic, sure, to an extent.

The reason God cannot be explained by science is because the implementation of the scientific method deals strictly with forming hypotheses and conclusions based on the experiments and observations done in the natural world—emperical data gathered from physical measurements—which precludes the metaphysical. So, since God, by His very nature, transcends the physical realm of space-time, science cannot explain God, because science cannot make assessments pertaining to the supernatural.

Can inquirers use science as a means of pointing in God’s direction? Sure. Can science be used in demonstrating that there is a greater likelihood that our world is governed by an intelligent Creator than by random unintelligent forces? Absolutely. Of course, someone’s personal interpretation of the evidence depends entirely on whether or not they are inclined to accept or reject what the data indicates based on their presuppositions; many have the tendency to rule out any possibility of ‘the supernatural’ from their conclusions because part of their preexisting beliefs is that they aren’t worth considering. However, for those who manage to remain impartial to the information, recognizing the various orderly mechanisms in nature makes a compelling case for design (e.a. physiological symmetry in people and animals, star trails making perfect circles around a fixed point, the unchanging clockwork circuits of the sun and moon respectively, that creatures have life-promoting instincts, the laws of nature are uniform and universally applicable, the fact that anything at all exists rather than nothing, etc) but as far as “explaining the concept of God” itself, science would not be adequate.

As for logic, belief in God can be logically established, though it must be understood that God is not merely a collection of facts, and not all spiritual affairs can be understood by human rationale—an air of divine mystery will always exist where God is concerned. Again, when speaking about the concept of God, we’re talking in terms of metaphysics, and logic itself is a metaphysical construct. So, in the absence of God, the realm of metaphysics itself would not exist and the question would be self-defeating because there could be no such thing as logic to begin with. Indeed, it is because God exists that we are even able to apply logic in an attempt to better understand Him.

We need to pray at this point:

Creator of ALL, Your Essence came and was seen and lived as Man. You belittled the dares, statements and professions in the spiritual realm. Your Word lived as one of us, not in royalty but was born among the droppings in a manger. Inexplicably by a woMan who had known no man, Hallelujah!!! When Your Essence Speaks, it IS!!! Amen.

You Know ALL things, Amen. Our life story has been written before we lived a day. There is no ‘chance’!! There is only Your Allowance of occurrences. We approach Your Throne of mercy, grace and glory and ask that Your will be done in our lives, Amen.

Father, we call Your Essence as taught by Your Word – Jesus, Amen. To understand this further does a caring Earthly father give his offspring a stone instead of bread when in hunger? You have known where and why we shall be where we are now. Father, reach down and lift me up out of this pit, in our day a need, want, despair. “God brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.” Psalm 40:2. The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. Amen. Psalm 121:8

LORD, I ask that Your will be done in my life in Jesus’ name, Amen

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