Just stating The Way, it is…


So, Man heard many a tall tale before Christ. Those 3 days; Man-passed had relief from bondage. Our ancestors, who shall we see in The Kingdom?

It is sad for me to think about the billions of people that are never taught about Christ. Even worse are the billions of people that are refusing His love. What do you have to lose by believing? Nothing at all. More importantly, what do you stand to lose by not believing? Think about that.

And we pray:

Jesus Christ, Son of God, every day I thank Your Father that I have a relationship with You. I do not deserve it, I did not ask for it, but You came for me because You know what I need. I need You now and all-ways, Amen. Precious Lord Jesus, my friends and family need You too. Give me the wisdom to speak to them humbly and help convince them of the power of Your Love, and the patience to know when or when not to speak. In accordance with Your commandments, I humbly ask this in prayer, Amen.

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