Be saved. Amen.


Jesus’ time on Earth was a learning experience for all sides. Although God created everything, He had never experienced life as a mortal Man. Knowing what He could gain from this experience, God sent His only Son to us so that we could better understand Him. Trust in Jesus and be saved completely!

And we pray:

Precious God, You knew Your Son – Jesus would die for us. We are sinners, and You chose to help us live a life that is more holy through the sacrifice of Your only begotten Son. Forgive us for trespassing against You in the first place, O Lord! Today I pray that I may dutifully fulfill my obligation to You, by living in a godly and respectful way, carrying out Your commandments. I Love You, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all people as You have taught me. Thank You for Loving me. Amen.

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