First! And through it, be made new, Amen.


How do we ‘seek’ The Kingdom?

But seek first The Kingdom of God
Meaning either the Gospel, and the ministration of it; in which sense this phrase is often used, see ( Matthew 21:43 ) ( Mark 1:14 ) ( Luke 4:43 Luke 9:2-60 Luke 16:16 ) and which is diligently to be sought after, and into; to be constantly attended on, and to be preferred to our necessary food, to raiment, or riches, or any enjoyment of life: or else The Kingdom of glory, which is prepared by God, and is His gift; for which He makes His people meet here, and will introduce them into it hereafter.

And God’s righteousness;
the righteousness of God, which is revealed in the Gospel, and is what gives a right and title to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not the righteousness of Man, but of God; and is no other than the righteousness of Christ; so called, because He is God Who has wrought it; it is what God approves of, accepts, and imputes, and which only can justify in His Sight, and give an abundant entrance into His Kingdom and glory. Heaven is to be sought for in the first place, as the perfection of the saints’ happiness; and Christ’s righteousness is to be sought for, and laid hold on by faith, as the way and means of enjoying that happiness; without which, there will be no entering into The Kingdom of Heaven.

And all these things shall be added unto you:
of the free bounty, goodness, and liberality of God, without your thought and care, and much less merit; even “all these things”, meat, drink, clothing, or whatsoever worldly sustenance else is necessary for you: which are not parts of the happiness of saints, only appendages thereunto; which they have over and above what they are, or should be chiefly seeking after.

Seeking the things of God should be your first priority. When you pursue the things of God, you have put yourself in a place where everything that you require will come. God takes care of His own – He always does. Don’t think you are missing out on anything when you are focusing on God – because you truly aren’t.

And we pray:

Dear God, I set my mind on You and commit myself to pursuing You and the things of Your Kingdom. It is more profitable to chase the things of Your Essence Father, than the things of this world. You give life; the world does not. May I always remember this, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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