Contemplating the vision of dry bones to life…

Against the background of a disenfranchised and hopeless exilic Israel, Ezekiel received the vision of ‘Dry Bones’, predicting an eschatological resuscitation and resurrection to life and restoration to the land of Yahweh’s covenant people.

The coming back to life of these dry bones, a representation of the eschatological restoration, as well as the reunification of Yahweh’s covenant people, is a clear demonstration of Yahweh’s sovereignty and the display of his absolute power of control over the cosmic order and history.

It reveals The Essence of Yahweh as The ‘I am that I am’ (Ex 3:14). The expression of Yahweh’s Sovereignty brings Him to clear view not only as The One Who directs His-story and His-storical events in huMan society, but it also testifies to such events as possessing theological import for the careful participant or an observer. Only Israel’s Yahweh is capable of doing what the gods of other nations and what huMans are incapable of doing.

When we start to feel the “dry bones” of our lives taking over with depression, helplessness, hopelessness, bitterness or any other negative feeling we have to make a choice to not claim them and/or hold on to them. In Christ you are NEW, old things have passed away. We live by faith and not by sight!


We have been looking at different names of God that are found in scripture. The names we’ve studied so far are:

  1. Elohim – The strong Creator.
  2. Jehovah – The self-existent One, The I Am.
  3. Adonai – Owner, Master, Lord and Sovereign God over ALL creation.
  4. Jehovah-Jireh – The Lord will provide.
  5. Jehovah-Rapha – The Lord Who heals.
  6. Jehova-Shalom – The Lord is Peace.
  7. Jehova-Rohi – The Lord is my Shepherd.
  8. Jehovah-Nissi – The Lord is my Banner.

I want to remind you once again to dwell upon The names of God and allow them to become personal to you. Remember there is power in The name of the Lord. You may want to write down the names of God and place them in your bible, or make a note in your bible app. Read them and allow the Holy Spirit to speak God’s Love, peace, comfort, Power, and Presence into your heart and life.

Clearly, THOSE DRY BONES of Ezekiel’s vision ARE US!

In Psalm 23 there are those times when we are forced to lie down in order to have our souls restored. This passage from Ezekiel 37 builds on that! KIND OF LIKE A PART 2! Because having ‘our souls restored’ means that we – our truest selves – are being woken up!

It means that what we’ve allowed to shrink & shrivel within us is now being called out – just like an apparently dead Lazarus buried way before it actually was his time to die: WE TOO ARE BEING CALLED OUT! This passage calls on us to notice and then embrace our potential – the best of us as individuals!  As a community! As a nation! As a humanity!

…as we begin to wake up, as we begin to loosen up, start coming together,
allowing tendons to stretch with flesh and skin
…& ultimately to inhale sacred breath…
What is God currently waking up in YOU – calling on in ME to be and to do at this time?
…calling out in all of US?

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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