And we pray.


Our Father, Who Art in Heaven; Blessed is Your Essence of Light. We possess nothing but honor, respect, respect and adoration of You, our Creator.
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven, Amen. Not as Man would do things, but as they are done in Your Presence. Give us this day and in all our ways; sustenance, spiritual food and direction we pray. Teach us to hear You always in all our ways. Father, go before us, surround us and fill us with Your Spirit, Amen.
Father we confess that we have done wrong (confess AND you WILL be forgiven). Teach us to forgive those who have wronged us, teach us Love as You have Shown Love for You ARE Love. Father, cause us only to be tried with that which we are capable of refuting by and through Your Word which we keep in our hearts, Amen.

Election day is coming. May God’s will be done, Amen.

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