My worth, Amen.

Lost and found. Lost but found. Lost searched for – high and low. By God’s AMAZING grace – FOUND! Hallelujah!!!

So, what is your worth to God? Your worth is Jesus’ own life. Just like Jesus’ worth is fixed and doesn’t change depending on the opinion of others, your worth is also fixed. Meaning, your worth never changes to God.

Worth Through Salvation

Remember that Jesus considered you worth dying for, not because of anything you’ve ever done to earn His love, but because of your inherent worth as His creation and His love for you. Your forgiveness and eternal salvation grants you worth!

Called for a reason.

In-depth conversation but very simple. Right quick… Samon was chosen before his conception. Yes! Samson was a Nazarite – Answer to Was Samson a vegetarian because he was a Nazarite?

The biblical account states that Samson was a Nazirite, and that he was given immense strength to aid him against his enemies and allow him to perform superhuman feats, including slaying a lion with his bare hands and massacring an entire army of Philistines using only the jawbone of a donkey.

We could recount his ‘story’; many things can stand in the way of a truly divine relationship with God. Amazing how his life brought glory to God. king Solomon was (and is) the wisest person who ever lived:

His misstep? Falling in emotional love with a daughter of his enemy.

Pray, pray, pray before you commit to another. Remember, first and foremost you are committed to God! Amen.

Total commitment to God means that Jesus is our sole authority, our guiding light, and our unerring compass. Being committed to Christ means being fruitful; it means being a servant. Our axiom is simple and succinct: “For me to live is Christ” – Philippians 1:21

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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