Pray for one another, Amen.


The most important thing we may do is pray for one another. We may speak of God, sing His name when we can, but prayer is something we can do not just for ourselves but for others. It is our chance to break bread in communion with our fellow man. For even if they know not that you are praying for them, to know that others may be praying for us is as much a comfort as an act of true compassion.

And we pray:

Lord I wish to pray for all those around me (feel free to name them and their needs), those who are doing Your work and those who need Your help, Father grant comfort and peace to those who need it. Lord, we are in the latter day; in Jesus’ name I ask you spread your Spirit to bring peace and understanding of Your Word, to speak for them and on their behalf, Amen. Grant salvation Lord, to all who have not yet found it, and grant compassion Lord, to all those who seek it under fear or danger. I pray for all these men and women, in the hope we may strengthen between us our spiritual bonds. Amen.

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