And we pray:


1. Be filled by The Spirit of God.

2. Pray for Love of/for The Father, Who Created YOU with/for a purpose.

3. Ask God for wisdom.

4. Ask God for direction. God’s will be done in your life.

5. Thank God for pouring out faith in your heart.

Acts 16:25–40 records Paul’s first imprisonment. The Philippian magistrates arrested Paul and Silas and had them beaten for spreading the news about Jesus. The two are now chained in a cell, praying and singing to God. An earthquake shakes the prison, releasing all the doors and chains.

Paul and Silas knew that even in the most difficult times, they needed to go to God in prayer. In fact, their response of song and prayer led the jailer and his whole family to believe in Jesus Christ! Paul and Silas knew that they could pray to God anywhere, even in prison. Do you know that you can do that too?

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