Ask in The name of Jesus and by God’s unending grace – RECIEVE, Amen.


Prayer is not something that we do blindly and haphazardly. Prayer is intentional and deliberate. Prayer is purposeful. So God instructs us to be watchful as we pray. We must pray with a discerning heart and an alert mind so that we can grow in God’s truth as we pray, and be able to thwart interference from the enemy.

And we pray:

Thank You, Lord, for inviting me to commune with You in prayer. Lord, as I come to You, I know that the enemy is prepared to disrupt Your work in my life, to distort Your message, and to distract my attention from You. Help me to remain alert and discern truth by Your wisdom You have granted and filled me with. In Jesus’ name, I praise You, and I pray, Amen.

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