Father LORD, Hallelujah!!!


“God will make this happen, for He Who calls you is faithful.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24 NLT

And we pray:

God, my Heavenly Father, my Creator, my reason. I will continue to pray for miraculous occurences, inexplicable blessings and open gates of Heaven upon me, even though I can’t see when it will come. Today, I choose to believe Your timing over my agenda, knowing the years of my life are but a fast lap around the track in comparison to Your Eternal Existence, God. Make peace happen in my life today, God. I pray for miraculous reconciliation where there has been discord and division, conflict and misunderstanding. I trust Your movement in my heart and the hearts of those on the other side of the line, God. Do what only You can do in the minds and hearts of huManity. 

Father, I pray to make it happen. I pray for Your will to come to fruition in my life. Let today be a step in Your direction, and let every day I live on this Earth bring glory to You, God. Show me the way You have marked out for me. Give me the courage I need and the confidence required to walk in Truth for the rest of my life, God. Help me to notice and embrace the people You have placed around me. To apologize when warranted and forgive without being asked. Father, let my life be a channel of Your Love. Father, I call on Your hand, that I recieve and give in Your time, according to Your will. 

In Jesus’ Name, 

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