Faithing it as it comes to be, Amen.


I wonder where you will be in five years if you will refuse to be a victim.

I wonder how far God will take you if you’ll not live bitter over who hurt you, not lose your passion because you’re dealing with an illness, not give up on your dreams because a door closed and it didn’t work out the way you expected.

Every voice will say, “You’re a victim. Come on; accept it. It’s not fair. God has forgotten about you.”

Don’t give those voices the time of day! God is watching you.

He sees you shaking off the self-pity, doing the right thing when it’s hard, being good to people that weren’t good to you, giving it your best when you’re not seeing progress. Your time is coming. Suddenly, doors are going to open. Suddenly, the right people will show up. Suddenly, you’ll see promotion, vindication, dreams coming to pass bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

And we pray:

Heavenly Father, Thank You for answering my prayers and performing miracles in my life every day. Just the fact that I woke up this morning and can take a breath is a gift from You. Help me to never take my health and loved ones for granted. Help me to always stand in faith and keep my focus on You when unexpected circumstances arise. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Father, I come to You today with faith so small I cannot see a way. I want to believe You are able to do more than I could ever imagine. I want to walk by faith and not by sight. God, please bring a miracle into my life. I know that You can do the impossible in my life, and I am trusting in Your promises. Thank You for being a God Who sees and hears my every need. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God, thank You that You Love me and want to keep me from depending on other things instead of You. Forgive me for when I’ve depended on my job and other people instead of You. Thank You that You haven’t forgotten me. Lord, the days ahead may be a little scary at times, but I understand now that the path to a miracle is through uncomfortable territory. I understand now that the source of a miracle will be unexpected, so I shouldn’t try to figure it out. I should just trust You. When You tell me what to do, and it doesn’t always make sense, I will still do what You want me to do. Help me to remember that You are all I need and that where You guide, You’ll provide. I want to learn to trust You one day at a time. I want to go Your way, not my way. I want to follow You, and I ask You to save me and come into my life. I claim Your promise that if I trust You, You’ll meet my needs. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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