ALL Praise be to God…


See what The Lord has done,
See what The Lord has done;
What we waiting for has come to pass;
See what The Lord has done.

Abba Father! Hope for the hopeless, Amen.

The Rock of Ages! My worthy worship belongs to Thee alone, in Jesus’name.

The Lord is my Rock, and my Fortress, blessed be The Rock of my salvation in The MIGHTY name of Jesus, Amen.

I am holding The redeeming blood of Jesus responsible to lift me from minimum to maximum in my existence, Amen.

Almighty Father, repeat biblical ‘Your Story’ in my favor to help pursue my pursuer and overtake for my victory sake, Amen.

I am for The AWESOME God of wonders to make known the meaning and existence in a blessedl lifestyles in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Hallelujah!!! Thanks be to God, in Jesus’ name

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