Love/God. Life.


Faith, hope, and love. Three wonder-filled gifts from our Heavenly Father. By faith, we believe and receive God’s grace. By hope we live, secure in our right standing with God. And both are made possible only by God’s unconditional and NEVER-ending Love for us. Love is the Essence of God’s BEING, Amen. And the more we rest in God’s Love, the more our lives reflect His Love, bearing witness to the reason for our faith and hope.

And we pray:

Father, thank You for Loving me, my God. It is by Your Love that You have given me faith to believe and hope for eternity. Teach me to grow in Your Love, and to live a life of Love toward You and toward others – shine through me Lord. And may Your Love working through me be a beacon of hope for others, that they might come to faith, too. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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