As believers, we can pray for other believers. That is what Paul, Silas, and Timothy did for the church in Thessalonica – they prayed for them. Do you have other believers in your life whom you can pray for? It would probably encourage them if you texted them or asked at church next Sunday, “Is there anything I can be praying about for you? ” Even if they don’t tell you a specific thing to pray for, you can still pray that they will live out God’s calling on their life, that they will experience God’s goodness, and that God will empower them to do the work He has called them to do.

And we pray:

Lord God, I pray for my fellow believers. I pray for individuals in my church. Strengthen them. Grant them strength to do the work You have called them to, and give them endurance so they can finish their race well. Let them experience Your Love and goodness this week. If they are feeling tired or ill, heal them. If they have stress or anxiety, grant them peace that surpasses understanding. If they have relational troubles, give them wisdom and grace to repair relationships. You are a God of mighty power and works. Work through us, Your Church. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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