David said in Psalm 119, “God, keep me from lying to myself.”


That’s one of the most powerful prayers we can pray. “God, help me to be honest with myself. Help me to look in the mirror and see where my soul is not healthy. Where I need to change. Where I need to forgive, be more kind and understanding. Where I need to quit letting people take my joy. Where I need to get over what happened three years ago. Where I need to quit beating myself up, to see myself as valuable, a masterpiece.”

My prayer is: “God, don’t let me go through life lying to myself.”

It’s one thing to be dishonest with others, that’s certainly not good, but don’t lie to yourself. Don’t sweep things under the rug, make excuses for why you’re angry, bitter, jealous, hard to get along with. There’s no fault in being there, but there is a fault in staying there. It may be your explanation, but don’t let it be your excuse.

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