A short stroll through ‘time’…

If you’re going to see what God promised you come to pass, The Scripture says, “Don’t faint in your mind.”

The first place we lose the battle is in our thinking.

Thoughts will tell you, “Nothing happened when you prayed. You’ll never get well. You’ll never break the addiction. You’ve been struggling for years…” Don’t believe those lies.

The roots have been cut off.

It’s just a matter of ‘time’ before you see things change in your favor. What’s trying to stop you is temporary.

God IS The Creator of ‘time’! We have shared on ‘time’…

Each galaxy has its own space time. They are all moving in other directions relative to us, accelerating or decelerating depending on distance and gravity. This will cause tiny differences. Time does run different in other galaxies, but you would need something like atomic clocks to measure the difference!

We here on Earth have a different ‘Time’ that is ours and ours alone!

Beyond Pluto lies Eris, the furthest currently-recognized dwarf planet. 90377 Sedna is a planet-like object in the outer reaches of the Solar System currently being considered as a possible dwarf planet.

Honestly, we are a speck in the Universe! The frank amazement that besets me can not be voiced! Looking at the actual physical that is seen. Earth and the ‘seen’ was Created from the unseen!

In the Old Testament, time is viewed as prophetic and looks forward to the kingdom of heaven being restored by the coming of the Messiah (kingdom coming). In the New Testament, time is viewed as apocalyptic (kingdom initiated by Jesus, but not fully realized until His Parousia at the eschaton—the end of all things).

In the spiritual; (which has been timeless before the Universe was Created!) Time only began being measured with the creation of Man! Our true selves are created in The Image of God – not physical! Genesis 1:27, states “God Created Man in His Own Image. . .” This scriptural passage does not mean that God is in huMan form, but rather, that huMans are in the Image of God in their moral, spiritual, and intellectual nature. We live within this physical shell.

The next question we ask is whether or not a substantial distinction is meant between these two words when the writer says, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). The evidence is against any serious distinction. If the author conceived of an important distinction between tselem*and *demuth in verse 26, which is God’s resolution to create, then why did he omit demuth in verse 27, the record of the very act of creation? The most obvious explanation for the oversight, either by God to create man in his likeness, or by the author to record it, is that there really was no oversight by either and that nothing is lost either from man or from the meaning of the text by the omission of demuth. Another bit of evidence which points to the interchangeability of these two words is that in Genesis 5:1 and 9:6, only one word is used to denote the image, demuth, in 5:1 and tselem in 9:6. The Septuagint translators perceived what was happening here and accordingly translated both demuth and tselem in the texts by the one word eikōn. Finally, with regard to Genesis 1:26 we must recall the repetitions for the sake of emphasis, variety, and rhythm, are common in Hebrew poetry (e.g., Psalms 59:1–2104). This passage (Genesis 1:26–27) is poetic, and the repetitions of verse 27 are obvious. “So God created man in his own image / in the image of God he created him / male and female he created them.” It is understandable in this context that the author would use two different words with no fundamental distinction intended.


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