The Spirit IS God, Amen! Hallelujah!!!


Hard to fathom; a Triune, Three are ONE, The Holy Trinity. God – The Father; Jesus – The Word of God and The Holy Spirit – The Essence of God, Amen.

We truly must be taught in order to understand God’s will. Like There Lord commands us to train children (Proverbs 22:6), our Father also needs to train us. Before He will do that, however, we must take the first step. We must show a token of our faith by asking Him to show us in the first place. Do that, and our faith journey begins!

And we pray:

Gentle and Loving Lord, I am truly the most fortunate person that has existed. We are all equally fortunate, blessed by Your holy nature, O Lord. I ask that You show me what You want me to do with my life; show me the best way that I can be utilized in Your name; show me how I can help others to see Your bright light shining in the darkness. I humbly pledge my service to You, O Lord, in accordance with Your commandments. Amen.

In my life Your will be done, Amen.

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