From beginning to the end…


Is anyone able to say all the things The Lord has done? Is anyone able to praise Him as much as He is worthy of being praised? No. But all of creation will sing His praise. Even every creation will eventually bow in front of Him. We get to praise Him. Praise The Lord because God is worthy of your praise. Praise Him because He deserves all our praise.

And we continually praise 👏 and pray 🙏

Lord, You deserve more praise than I can give You. I cannot even recount all of the great things You have done. You are great. You Created all knowledge. You Created the rules of the Universe, logic, order, and science. You Created math and language. You made our senses so that we can hear, taste, feel, see, and smell Your Creation. Thank You, God, for Your creativity and Your GREATNESS. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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