Difficult times? Testimonies PENDING, Amen!


God is ordering your steps. Sometimes we don’t understand it; it’s not comfortable. But like with Joseph, all the disappointments, delays, betrayals were a part of God’s plan to get him to the throne. He didn’t fight it; he embraced it. He kept a good attitude; he did his best despite what came against him. God is going to get you to your destiny. He’s going to work all things for your good. While you’re waiting, when you don’t see anything happening and things aren’t turning around, trust Him enough to enjoy your life. See the good in each day.

The Word of God is The Word of God! Trust God in every situation. Difficult I know! Almost impossible! Literally, when there is nothing left in your tank, all hopes have been dashed. Get on your knees. Give thanks. What are you doing? Pray!

I need Your help daily to stay strong in my faith and continue to walk in Your way. Lord Jesus, forgive me and shower me with Your grace. Amen.

Lord, may You pour out Your sufficient grace over my life so that I will not rely on my own fleshly strength and abilities but on Jesus alone in Jesus’ Name.

Gracious God, You are my Creator Who has chosen me to be in a relationship with You. Through Jesus, You have extended grace to me. By grace, I have been saved. Day by day, help me to comprehend Your grace more and more in my life. Give me an increase of grace this day so that I can respond to Your Love by my good deeds. Your Love is amazing, thank You, O my Father. Amen.

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