Keys 🔐 to Operate in the Anointing

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  1. Have a Solid Foundation
    The most important thing for a believer to have before they operate in the power of God is a firm foundation in their walk with Christ.

One of the most dangerous things someone can do is jump into ministry and try to operate in the anointing without having a solid foundation.

  1. Receive an Impartation:
    If you want to receive an impartation from God, you must first serve the purpose of God.
    Learn to serve with the capacity that God has given you.

If you skip this step, you risk receiving an impartation, but nothing happening afterward.

  1. Beware of Fear and Timidity
    These feelings are big blockages for the flow of The anointing. As a person who desires to be used by God, one of the hindrances that satan will try to use is fear.

Know that sometimes you will minister out of faith, and other times you’ll minister out of obedience to God’s command.

  1. Association Matters
    Your environment is HUGE regarding developing what’s been deposited within you.

Get close to anointed men and women of God who can push you to grow. Often, when they point out weaknesses or character flaws within us, God uses that to catapult our development.

  1. Yield to God
    The anointing is for deployment. When God finds a Man or woMan who is yielded to Him, He allows His power to flow through them.

Allow God to use you to demonstrate His power in your city. Remember, when a house has electricity, connect anything, and it’ll work.

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