New Season. That’s the reason. Hallelujah!!! Don’t look back!

7 Reasons God Removes People

  1. Your Season has Changed.

When Moses died and the manna stopped, it was time for Joshua to step into a new season of entering the promised land (Joshua 1:2).

  1. They (Places or People) Have Become Toxic!

Egypt was a place of provision for Israel at one time, but it became a place of pain. Therefore, they needed to leave (Exodus 1:11).

  1. You Are Pruned for More Fruit!

Pruning leads to greater fruitfulness. When God removes dry branches, He is not punishing you; He is pruning you (John 15:2).

  1. They Blocked Your Vision!

When Lot left Abraham, God asked Abraham to look up. The word “Lot” means veil. Some people are like veils–they block our vision (Genesis 13:14).

  1. They Have Become an Idol!

God couldn’t use Gideon, until people left. Some people are like crutches; we lean on them more than God. When they go, it’s time to advance, not retreat (Judges 7:2).

  1. God has Another Plan for Them!

Moses left his father-in-law because Moses had an assignment outside Jethro’s house (Exodus 4:18).

  1. God Wants to Bring Someone Else!

It doesn’t mean that they are wrong, but God is preparing for someone else to come into your life. Therefore He makes room. Think about it: Jesus had to leave for the Holy Spirit to come. And IT WAS TO OUR ADVANTAGE THAT JESUS WENT AWAY (John 16:7).

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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