God provides ALL our needs. Hallelujah!

Good morning Friends,
Have we ever stopped to consider how birds feed and how plants are clothed in radiant colours? The scriptures tell it is GOD that feeds and clothes them and that GOD nourishes and clothes us IN THR SAME WAY. But HOW?

Notice verse 34 ‘…tomorrow will worry about itself…’ So today worries about today and tomorrow worries about tomorrow ‘

So, it is The Day that God has commanded to do the worrying, not you!
God has commanded each Day to see to it that it caters for the needs of All Creation for that Day.
Picture this. God set the Sun and the Moon to govern the Times and The Seasons. Within those Times and Seasons He has commanded Each Day to fulfil certain functions.
Friends, we got it all wrong! We are not meant to worry about each Day rather God Designed Each Day To Worry About Us!
Each Day worries about meeting the needs of all of Creation for that Day. It is a Divine Directive!!

Each Day Must Supply An Abundance To Cater For The Needs Of All Creation For That Day, By Divine Decree.
Friends, all our needs are continually Catered For Supernaturally On A Daily Basis By Divine Decree! Our problem is that we are not aware of the provision and we don’t know where and/or How to access the Divine Abundance prepared in advance for us each day. Thank God for the Birds and the Lilies of the field. The scriptures tell us, it is our Father Who feeds them, just the same way He feeds us! Reflect on this.

So how do we access this Daily Abundance?

  1. We need to Learn To Locate Ourselves Within The Right Environment!!!
    Why do Birds build their nests where they do? Why do plants choose to germinate where they do? Think about it. Neither occurrence is random. Birds Survey The Earth then Choose A Location That Provides Them With A Suitable ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH TO THRIVE. They build their nests within an Environment that has an abundant supply of All Their Daily Requirements.
    How about Plants? Just because a seed falls randomly to the ground doesn’t mean it will germinate where it fell! It may end up being kicked around until it finds the right place to grow. It may be eaten by an animal only to be deposited later at another location. It may be blown about by the wind until it eventually settles somewhere BUT the Seed Will Not Germinate Until IT HAS FOUND THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT!!! Only when there is sufficient depth of rich soil for its requirements, with sufficient moisture and adequate sunlight, will the seed Finally Germinate. If you were a Bird, would you choose to build your nest in your current environment? If you were a Plant, would you choose to germinate in your current environment?
    Have The Days cumulatively stored up an abundance of your requirements for you to thrive in your current location?
  2. We Need To Know What Our Daily Requirements Are So That We Can Identify The Environment Suitable For Us.
    You are a Spirit Being, you have a Soul and you live in a Body. You are here on Earth for a reason. GOD has a Mandate for your life. You have a Destiny to fulfill.
    What do you require to have Life and to have Life Abundantly? What do you require to fulfill your Destiny?
    What do you require for your Joy to be full?
    What do you worry about every Day?
  3. Find Your Eden!!!
    Move Country if you have to! God told Abram to leave his Father’s House and his Country behind! Like Isaac, FIND YOUR REHOBOTH!!! ‘The Lord has given us ROOM and we will FLOURISH IN THE LAND’. Genesis 26:22. Don’t stay where there is strife or where predators abound! Learn from the Birds!!!
    Move Jobs if you have too!!! Change Churches if you have to!!! ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by inspiration that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord’ Matthew 4:4. If contrary to the will of GOD, your Country, Employment or Church is not leading you to ‘lie down in Green Pastures, leading you in the paths of Righteousness, leading you by the Rivers of Still Waters, restoring your Soul, anointing your head with Oil or Setting a Table before you and causing your Cup to overflow, you need to re-evaluate your decision to plant yourself in that Environment. You need to ask yourself whether you have chosen to build your nest in the right Location.

Friends, each Day is fulfilling the Divine Mandate to Provide an Abundance for you, Spirit, Soul and Body.
Do you know What you Spirit, Soul and Body Need? Then make the effort, like the Birds and the Plants, to FIND AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE ABUNDANT PROVISION EXISTS TO CATER TO YOUR NEEDS and RELOCATE THERE.

Friends, we WORRY about Each Day when God has already arranged for Each Day to dutifully provide for us because we are not in the Environment where our PROVISION has bern deposited.


Love always, Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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