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Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

One thing that we must remember is that Satan perverts everything that God creates (Gen 2:19-21).

There are two main questions to ask when wondering about secular music:

  • Who is playing?
  • What are they saying?
  1. Who is playing?
    The source matters. Musicians can be influenced by light or darkness (2 Kings 3:15). Music is a powerful tool that helps us connect more in the spirit realm, and the evidence is all over the Bible.
  2. What lyrics are sung?
    The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people
    (Ps 22:3), and faith comes by hearing (Rom 10:17). When we sing songs about the Lord, we feel His presence.

I wonder if fear, depression, or even lust can come from what we listen to.

An important question to ask yourself is:

  • Is your music drawing you near to the Holy Spirit or quenching Him?
  • Does it feed the flesh or build your spirit?

Be real! You set your own stage in the play of life…

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