Seasons 🤔

Each has specific qualities: Winter typically has cold weather, little daylight, and limited plant growth. In spring, plants sprout, tree leaves unfurl, and flowers blossom. Summer is the warmest time of the year and has the most daylight, so plants grow quickly. In autumn, temperatures drop, and many trees lose their leaves.

Wow! Seasons abound in The Word! “Season” figuratively expresses the changing stages of our lives as the way of life as we know it according to how God has arranged them.

My testimony/story is about ‘seasons’! As are all our life stories!

Life is ‘Seasonal’!

A Prayer for Life’s Seasons



You are the God of all seasons. You sovereignly ordain my highs and lows, my sorrows and joys, and You are with me through them all. You use every season for my good, like a perfect craftsman weaving together a beautiful tapestry. Though I cannot see the complete picture of what You are doing, I trust that You are doing something extraordinary in these ebbs and flows of life. 

God uses every season for His glory and your good | TDGC

Not only in joy, but also in pain,

You are with me (Psalm 23:4).

You are the author of joy, my closest friend (John 15:15),

My compassionate Savior, who holds me through life’s sorrows and laughter. 

God is the author of joy | TDGC
The Lord is your closest friend | TDGC

Not only in life but also in death,

You sustain me (Psalm 55:22).

You give life and You take it away (1 Samuel 2:6) 

You sustain each one of my breaths (Psalm 104:29–30).

And afterward, You will lead me to glory (Psalm 73:23–26).


Not only in abundance but also in need,

You fill me (Psalm 16:10–11). 

There is a greater joy to be found one day with you than a thousand elsewhere (Psalm 84:10–12). 


Not only in riches but also in poverty,

You are my treasure (Matthew 13:44).

You are the richest of fare––more precious than jewels and sweeter than honey (Isaiah 55:1–2, Psalm 19:10). 

Your Word sustains me.


Not only in feasting but also in hunger,

You are the Bread of Life (John 6:35)–– my sustenance, hope, and joy.

You satisfy my thirsty soul (Isaiah 55:1–5). 

I can be joyful whether in plenty or want, in abundance or need because I have You (Philippians 4:12).


Oh Lord, through sorrow or rejoicing, You are the One my soul longs for. Be my delight, wisdom, and strength, I pray. Help me to desire You above all things.



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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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