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How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or how shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied? Numbers 23:8 NO MAN CAN CURSE WHO GOD HAS BLESSED.

wild ox, which they cannot control or subdue. (2) The Moabites spoke of a threat from Israel (Num. 22:4–5), but in the oracle, Israel’s power is that of God. Balaam continues by affirming that no divination is effective against Israel. The point is not what Israel can do, but “what God has done!” (23:23). Notice that just after Balaam has spoken of a dangerous wild ox (23:22), in the continuation of Numbers 23:23 shows that snakes have to do with the magical arts. We have found that snakes were indeed effective against Israel, but only when sent by the Lord as punishment for disloyalty to him (21:6), and the bronze snake that Moses made at his direction was effective for Israel in countering the sting of death (21:8–9).

The point of the verse is that God’s truthfulness and unchangeableness guarantee the blessings of God’s people. God does not lie nor change His mind (Numbers 23:19). God is not like man who sometimes does lie and change his mind.

God’s faithfulness guarantees the promises to His people. God speaks and acts; He promises and fulfills. When God says something He carries it through. He acts and does exactly what He says.

God’s promises are the guarantee of His blessings. God’s promises and blessings are irrevocable: they cannot be changed (Numbers 23:20-21). God has promised to bless His people; therefore, when trials and problems arise, God strengthens His people to conquer the trials. This is His promise. No misfortune will conquer His people, and no misery or trouble will overcome them. Again, God’s promises are irrevocable; therefore, the blessings that are promised to His people are irrevocable.

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