A sharing from my Sister

Good Morning, Happy blessed Sunday of “EVER FAITHFUL AND SURE GOD OF HALLELUJAH” “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling… And what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power.” Ephesians 1:18-19 TheContinue reading “A sharing from my Sister”

The word of your mouth… How powerful!

Our tongue. Just what does this mean? Spoken word? Thoughts? Feelings? Emotions? Essentially, we think how we feel and it comes to our lips! For example; Strong dislike. “I hate that person!” Just words, right? Uhh! We will be judged on all our actions, these include things we do. If we cast our minds backContinue reading “The word of your mouth… How powerful!”


*Stop Whining and Start Winning!* “It never cease to amaze me the precious time we spend chasing shadows, playing out our imaginary dramas, worrying about unwanted facial hair, seeking adorations and vanities, justifying our actions, complaining about slow internet connections and dissecting idiotic ideologies, WHEN WE ARE SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF A FULL-BLOWN MIRACLEContinue reading “Sharing”

A decree

Good Morning, Numbers 14:21. From this day forward and beyond, may your life, and that of every member of your household continually be filled with the glory of the Lord God Almighty that will cause every day of your lives to be filled with outstanding testimonies, and glorious celebrations in Jesus Christ name. Amen!!! IContinue reading “A decree”

What we have been given.

Good Morning! May The Awesome God we serve lift you up on His bosom as you walk through the day and by His grace and in His will provide you with all you need- stay in Him, stand fast. We shall experience a permanence in His Love, never ending, always beyond our comprehension, Amen Jesus,Continue reading “What we have been given.”

Let us focus

I just shared that we have a ‘jealous God.’ Someone or something has what He rightfully should have! So many times our wants and desires are focused on various things. We want and need we turn to focus on that which we believe holds promise. This is what it means that we are blessed withContinue reading “Let us focus”

Pass your cares on to Jesus. For He cares for you.

We place our cares/concerns at His feet. I cannot stop from amazement and wonder at THE Creator of our Universe. I can go aside and launch into reasons I know that we have a LORD God of Heaven and Earth, I add The Universe! It is mind blowing! Amazing! Create The Universe??? Firstly, since GodContinue reading “Pass your cares on to Jesus. For He cares for you.”

A prayer that was shared…

When a bird🐓🐓 is alive it eats ants🐜🐜but When a bird dies ants eat it. Time ⏰⌚ & circumstance can change at a period, try as much🙅🙅as u can Neva🙅 to devalue😠😠 or hurt😡🙍 any 1 in life. U may be powerful💪💪 today👇…. but remba time⌚ is more powerful💪 than you👉!!! One☝tree 🌴makes a millionContinue reading “A prayer that was shared…”

Let us pray: A prayer of thanksgiving

Thank you so very much Father, for ALL You have done!!! Glory! Because of me, You sent a part of You who made all to redeem me! Glory Hallelujah! That is AWESOME Father, You are LOVE!!! LOVE is YOU!!! I Depend on YOU 100% without YOU, I have NOTHING, I am NOTHING, I am NOContinue reading “Let us pray: A prayer of thanksgiving”

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